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Pandora by savrom Pandora :iconsavrom:savrom 4 2 RIP Steven Hawking by savrom RIP Steven Hawking :iconsavrom:savrom 21 4 A Crown of Lies book cover by savrom A Crown of Lies book cover :iconsavrom:savrom 3 0 Crown of Shadows Bookcover by savrom Crown of Shadows Bookcover :iconsavrom:savrom 5 0 Map of Etheria (WIP) by savrom Map of Etheria (WIP) :iconsavrom:savrom 6 39 A Crown of Lies cover by savrom A Crown of Lies cover :iconsavrom:savrom 3 0 A Crown of Lies covers by savrom A Crown of Lies covers :iconsavrom:savrom 9 16
A second chance (Steve x Reader) One shot
Rain was pattering against the windows of your small room. You had been staring at the water falling from the heavens for over an hour now, waiting for Steve to come visit you. It was getting late, but he promised he would come, so you were still waiting. The nurses had helped you get dressed in some of your finest clothes, even though you knew the super soldier didn’t care about that. Neither did you, for that matter.
     Not for a long time.
     You had known Steve since high school when your family had moved to the house beside his after your dad had lost his job. You had become friends right away and together with Bucky, you had been thick as thieves for years. At some point, you had started to have feelings for him, but it wasn’t until you decided to go to war to help in the fight, that you had told him about it. You hadn’t cared about his illness, or his height, or the fact all of your friends made fun of you for being s
:iconsavrom:savrom 85 49
A Crown of Lies by savrom A Crown of Lies :iconsavrom:savrom 6 5
A night to remember (Peter Parker x Reader) 3/3
“There you are,” it sounded behind you. “We’ve been looking all over for you," Liz said worriedly.
    “We?” you frowned. “Or just you?”
    Liz sighed. “Tracy didn’t mean to tell Flash you’re in love with Peter. She would never do that on purpose.”
    “Sure she wouldn’t…”
    “Don’t be like that, [Name],” Liz said, following you as you made your way back inside her house. "You know what Tracy is like. It’s not her fault Peter doesn’t like you back.”
    “Wow,” you said, a frown covering your brow. You stopped before walking into the door and turned to Liz. “Really?” you shook your head. “Fine, you know what… I’m going home. I was going to tell you about something amazing that has just happened to m
:iconsavrom:savrom 141 60
A night to remember (Peter Parker x Reader) 2/3

Several hours later at Liz’ house during the party

You sighed, taking a sip from your drink. Liz and Tracy had left you behind in the kitchen when the first guests had started to arrive. That was nearly an hour ago. So now you were here alone, surrounded by most of the people from your school. More than half of them probably didn’t even know who you were, other than the fact you hung out with Liz and Tracy. You let your eyes pass through the room, hoping to find someone you knew to talk to or just simply a kind face.
    As you let your gaze pass everyone, you saw Peter and Ned approach the kitchen from the corner of your eyes. You looked at each other for a short moment and it seemed like Peter was about to say something when Flash caught both of your attention.
    “Peter Parker, what’s up!” he suddenly cried out through the microphone. “Where
:iconsavrom:savrom 107 16
A night to remember (Peter Parker x Reader) 1/3
“You should really stop staring at him, you know…” one of your friends said, shaking her head as she picked at her fingernails.
    “What?” you frowned, turning your gaze from Peter who was laying on the gym mat before you, doing exercises together with his best friend, Ned. “I wasn’t staring,” you objected. The heat rose to your cheeks and even without the obvious lie still on your lips, you knew everyone could tell it wasn’t true.
    “Yeah, right.”
    “I wasn’t…”
    “Oh, don’t deny it. You’re clearly in love with him,” she said again.
    You were going to object, but Liz already stood up for you, like she always did when it came to Peter. You figured it was because she felt guilty. Everyone knew Peter had had a crush on her for years. She had to
:iconsavrom:savrom 128 31
Confessions (Peter Parker x Reader) One shot
After the events of Spider-Man Homecoming (so look out for spoilers!)

It was a cool Friday afternoon in Queens as you were making your way across the street from the subway to the little apartment your best friend, Peter, shared with his aunt. He had been very busy lately with his Stark Internship and after he had left you and Ned alone on Homecoming night to do Gods knew what, you had been more than a little angry. Not just because he clearly wasn’t telling you something, but also because he was acting like a complete dickhead. Ditching Liz was just one of the many things he had done lately.
     He couldn’t know of course that your anger had more to do with jealousy than anything else.
     Even though you had been friends for as long as you could remember, you had started to have feelings for Peter ever since spending that one night together alone in his room two years ago when Ned had called sick to one of your monthly mov
:iconsavrom:savrom 171 43
When fate is kind (Steve x Reader) One shot
4th of July, New York – At a club celebrating Steve’s birthday
Music was blasting through the speakers of a club and the melody pounded in Steve’s head, signaling him it was way passed timed to go. He had followed his friends around all evening. He couldn’t say he disliked spending time with them, but after the restaurant, the bar, the shawarma joint and this club, he was ready to go to bed. Not that he expected to get much sleep. He hadn’t in a very long time.
    The super soldier quickly emptied his glass and told the others he was going home, though of course, they could stay if they wanted to.
    “Oh, come on,” Tony exclaimed. “It’s the 4th of July. You’re not seriously going to mope around the compound again, are you? It’s your birthday for crying out loud!”
    “Relax, Stark,” Natasha padded him on the back. “Just because
:iconsavrom:savrom 110 37
Dangerous love (Steve x Reader) One shot
“I’m late!” you told yourself as you were running through the airport, dragging your small suitcase behind you. “I’m so late!”
    Your sister had told you exactly at what time you should be leaving. Somehow, you still managed to be late. She was getting married by the end of the week in your hometown– which was only three days away – and this afternoon were the dress fittings for the bridesmaids. She would kill you if you didn’t make it on time.
    You had only just gotten your tickets and had but thirty minutes to get from one side of the airport to the other. You cursed softly, running through the halls of the airport as fast as you could. You impatiently waited for the baggage check, quickly emptying your pockets and pulling off your shoes and belt before running through security to collect your belongings again.
    You wiped the sweat from your brow as you entered the r
:iconsavrom:savrom 128 55
Somebody I used to know (Steve x Reader) 3/3
Okinawa, Japan – Several hours later
 “They’ll see us coming from a mile away,” you told Sam, sitting in the pilot seat of the quin jet (the same one Steve had stolen from Stark and you had been able to hack). You typed in several commands as it flew towards the little Island of Okinawa that was now only a few miles away. “Blackbird might be an old American base, but Hydra has equipped it with high-tech security systems.”
    Sam nodded at your words, pulling the glasses of his Falcon suit over his eyes. “I’ll distract them while you approach them in stealth mode.”
    “Once I’m inside you get the hell out of there,” you told him, starting the sequence of your plan, while Wanda had stayed behind in the hideout to get help, in case you needed it. “Oh and Sam… Don’t get caught.” You pressed the button to open up the deck of the jet and watche
:iconsavrom:savrom 33 11


Rhan by rhombusgirl Rhan :iconrhombusgirl:rhombusgirl 13 4 Moira by kimsokol Moira :iconkimsokol:kimsokol 162 7 Queen of Darkness by gogo1409 Queen of Darkness :icongogo1409:gogo1409 283 16 Sketch 03: Cousland by Shamiana Sketch 03: Cousland :iconshamiana:Shamiana 53 2 Thezmar by GerryArthur Thezmar :icongerryarthur:GerryArthur 291 4 Morta II by GerryArthur Morta II :icongerryarthur:GerryArthur 230 8 Kaschei by Grafit-art Kaschei :icongrafit-art:Grafit-art 300 7 Bronze WIP by telthona Bronze WIP :icontelthona:telthona 1,031 22 PSD 44 - His love was RED by KrypteriaHG PSD 44 - His love was RED :iconkrypteriahg:KrypteriaHG 2,104 313 MtG Austere Command by depingo MtG Austere Command :icondepingo:depingo 755 20 Red silk 16 by faestock Red silk 16 :iconfaestock:faestock 746 171 Waterfall 6 by faestock Waterfall 6 :iconfaestock:faestock 334 24 Scarlet 6 by faestock Scarlet 6 :iconfaestock:faestock 188 12 Dorian - Stock Reference 23 by faestock Dorian - Stock Reference 23 :iconfaestock:faestock 220 12 Dorian - Stock Reference 13 by faestock Dorian - Stock Reference 13 :iconfaestock:faestock 58 7 Romantic Wing - Black by Thy-Darkest-Hour Romantic Wing - Black :iconthy-darkest-hour:Thy-Darkest-Hour 891 374


Hey everyone!

This is a cover I made for my new Wattpad novel. Welcome to the world of Pandora! A beautiful city filled with technological wonder––a perfect society within a world destroyed by war. Or is it? Enter the world that was once known as Earth and uncover the secrets that are lurking underneath the beautiful perfection.

Check out the first paragraph here:
Thick, warm blood coated Nyx’ fingers. It ran down his hand, dripping to the white marble floor beneath his feet. He stared at it for a moment, intrigued by the feel and smell of it. “Interesting,” he breathed softly, pinching his fingertips together and rubbing the dark red fluid between them.

Read the story on Wattpad:…
RIP Steven Hawking
"Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up."
Hey my dear followers,

I'm sorry I haven't written any fanfiction in quite a while. As most of you know, that's because I'm writing my own work at the moment on Wattpad. It's going pretty good :) I learned this week that Wattpad decided to feature my novel A Crown of Lies for 2 weeks! Which is pretty awesome and not something I expected so early in writing the story. On top of that, the story ranked #514 in the Fantasy category. Which is also pretty awesome considering there are thousands of stories written in that genre. 

Anyway, it would mean the world to me if you could check the story out. You can find it here:…

Lots of love and happy reading! :love:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

My name is Savannah and I am 25 years old. I've been on DA for quite a while, but only really started posting a few years ago. I absolutely love writing, so you'll find lots of literature on my page.

I hope you enjoy my work and please don't be afraid to leave a comment on my work. I promise I won't bite!

If you have any requests for series or one-shots, please contact me via a note or just a comment on my page!

And thank you for the faves, watches and comments!! I want to thank everyone personally, but I sometimes don't have the time, so: THANK YOU!

If you're interested in my own writings, you can follow me on Wattpad under the name of Cameron R. Lewis

Anyway, have a great day! :D


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